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There's a dragon in your soup • You just woke up in a hospital • Your magic bag of holding is strangely full • The large black phone rings for the second time • The bomb's display reads 00:00:57.

Be a story • Be a story • Be a story

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Struggle of Gods

An image from inside ileni by Adrian Thoen

From a Druid in ileni

Once late in the fall, I took on the form of a squirrel. The sense of community with the other squirrels and trees was awesome; as was the sense of urgency to gather from the forest in preparation for winter. I was less experienced in my shifting then, and had not set clear goals for myself. I became lost in the form, and only shifted back just before winter, merely by accident.

From a Necromancer in ileni

The knife slides easily across my palm, falling into the crease it has been drawn across hundreds of times. I close my fist and focus on Gregor's body, keeping the knife in my other hand. As his last traces of life leak out through his wounds I open my hand. Dark magic has collected and begun to drip down my fingers like the tainted black blood of the undead. I angle my hand to let it slide down into the earth and pool at my feet, a writhing mass of black, viscous liquid. It creeps toward Gregor anxiously, hungrily. I watch it intently as it bumps into him, slipping up onto his chest and into the punctures the spear has left in him. As the last drops are pulled in there is a moment of stillness. I take a deep breath and wait, collecting my strength.

From a Story Weaver in ileni

When he completes the circle, he empties the red substance from the pitcher over the candle at the center of the table. As the wine flows, it pauses before touching the surface of the table. Elster flicks his wrist, and liquid curls in a spiral around the candle. It hovers there, slowly drifting in a loose circular pattern.

Elster turns and looks deep into your eyes. "My ritual is nearly complete. The portal will be ready soon. Are you?"